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Profess​ional Broadcast and Video Production

Mitzvah Videos

We capture your special day in Broadcast Quality so you do not miss a moment!

We have shot over 750 Mitzvahs and can tailor the production to your personal desire.

Our packages can be customized to fit your needs including extra videographers, multiple locations and photographers. Video packages start as low as $1299

Metramedia Mitzvah Demo Reel

Two Camera Highlight Reel

Full Mitzvah Video 2 Camera with Cinema Gimble

Mitzvah Highlight Reel

2018 Mitzvah Demo Reel

Mitzvah Highlight Reel

Mitzvah Highlight Reel Full effects Super Cool!

Mitzvah Highlight Reel

Cinema Intros & Timelapse

We offer additions to your Mitzvah Video package including Cinema-style Intros, Timelapses, Montage and Special Graphic Packages.

Check out some samples below!

Mitzvah Cinema Intro

Mitzvah Cinema Intro

Mitzvah Cinema Intro

Mitzvah Timelapse

Bar Mitzvah Montage

Bat Mitzvah Montage

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